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Have you ever promised your child a reward for behaving well? Something like, “If you are good, then I 'll buy you an ice cream!” or “If you get good grades, then I will take you to Disney Land.” Most parents have made promises like these, myself included. But what happens if you don't follow through on your promise to your child? How many parents would think that making a promise as a reward for good behavior could become an enforceable contract?
Most likely, parents don't think the breaking of the "promise" could be enforced against them. And even when children protest after their parents don’t deliver on the promise, they never think to sue to get their reward.

Well, almost all children never sue…

Hamer v. Sidway 124 N.Y. 538, 27 N.E. 256 (N.Y. 1891), is a New York case that is taught in most American Law Schools as part of the history on the law of Contracts. If you would like to read this case, feel free to visit HTTPS://SOURCELAWFIRM.COM/2019/02/09/CONTRACT-LAW/
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3/7/2019 3:31:04 PM
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