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--- infowaft (9/13/2009)
Two week ago, a lady (named Ms. Lai) called my home phone and talked to my wife, said that Dish Network Co. provided new customers a promotion plan: Great Wall Channel package plus local channel only $22.99/month (45% less than normal price), or even lower as $14.99/month if we were lucky enough. We said we were Dish Network customer already. She said no problem and suggested us to open a new account using other family member name, than cancel the old account. Their company will pay all penalties for us due to early terminate the contract signed by Dish Network and us. We agreed this deal and provided her our personal information to register a new account.

Two day later, a man from Dish Network came to my house to install a new dish, than we signed a new contract that it didn’t show any monthly payment fee inside. He said he didn’t know the details and our month payment fee would be the amount that agent told us before. By now everything looks normal.

After a few days, we received a new bill for my new account. The fee $37.99 was same as the old account, no anything change. The early cancellation fee $150 for old account was billing to us too.

We dial the phone number (866)580-2972 ext 663, (301)591-1727, and (888)504-9806, tried to contact the agent(Ms. Lai) who offered us the low price. But we cannot find her. A man picked up the phone said he's no way to transfer my phone to her, or told us she’s not in the office. He didn’t admit his company provided this promotion information to customers. He always ask me to leave my phone number and let her call back when I asked to talk to the agent(Ms. Lai). We didn’t get any call from her again, Of course.

I also suspect they sell our personal information to someone else. My wife provided them a cell phone number for register a new account. This cell phone never received any telemarketing phone call before. However, this few days, it suddenly received some Chinese telemarketing phone calls.

I google their phone number and found a lot of complains about them.

Someone said their call center was in Southern China. Only a couple people as service persons and their boss are in Maryland, USA. I think this is true. That’s why Ms. Lai didn’t know English and didn’t know North America very well. As well as I am always not able to find her when I make a call to that company in USA.

They are earning a lot commission in this way. They are cheaters. Please stop their criminal activity.
6/2/2012 12:04:17 PM
Super eciextd to see more of this kind of stuff online.
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