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--- ellen (4/19/2012)
I am going to sell one of my cars. Before that, I have a few questions:

1. Where is the best place to sell it? ebay, Yahoo, Craigslist or the dealer?

2. I checked a few ad in Craigslist. Everyone put phone# there. Is there any particular reason to do that? I feel more comfortable to through email first.

3. Everyone include the VIN there. Will this help the sell? I was heard there are some web sites can check the car history by VIN. Anyone know any of these web site? I am the first owner. The car never been in any accident or damage, except there is a tiny scratch in front and back bump.

4. I was heard some story when A sold a car to B. But B never changed the ownership to his / her name. So when something happened late on, policy still go after A. Is this by new owner's neglect or on purpose? I don't want this thing happen to me. How can we avoid that? Write down a memo for that?

5. When you sell a house to someone, the previous owner still have lots of liability for the property. But for the car, once you sell it, you have no any responsibility after that. Is it correct?

6. What's the best payment method? I heard some story when buyer paid seller in a personal check. But when the seller deposited the check, it bounced back in a few days. How to avoid it? I know cash is better. But not everyone wants to pay in cash.

7. As you know right now every service record is in dealer's computer, even you did service in one city, but whole California same maker's dealers can access your car's service history. So if someone buy my car, can they ask the same maker's dealer to get my previous service record? The service record belongs to my personal privacy, right?
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