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--- Jeff (7/1/2012)
It's quite often that people feel frustrated in buying new cars. How to get the best bang out of the bucks is a touch question. To help you on this, I am listing a few tactics for your reference. Remember there are more things to bargain than price alone. Ask for free oil changes, or maybe include an extended warranty. Make a rule to "sleep on it" and come back tomorrow before you sign.

1) Learn to flinch.
The flinch is one of the oldest negotiation tactics but one of the least used. A flinch is a visible reaction to an offer or price. The objective of this negotiation tactic is to make the other people feel uncomfortable about the offer they presented. Here is an example of how it works.

A supplier quotes a price for a specific service. Flinching means you respond by exclaiming, "You want how much?!?!" You must appear shocked and surprised that they could be bold enough to request that figure. Unless the other person is a well seasoned negotiator, they will respond in one of two ways, a) they will become very uncomfortable and begin to try to rationalize their price, b) they will offer an immediate concession.

2) Recognize that people often ask for more than they expect to get.
This means you need to resist the temptation to automatically concess your asking.

3) The person with the most information usually does better.
You need to learn as much as possible about the car you are interested in. Ask your sales person technical questions on features, comparing that to other brands'so make him know you are not coming for this brand only.

4) Practice at every opportunity.
Most people hesitate to negotiate because they lack the confidence. Develop this confidence by negotiating more frequently. Ask for discounts from your suppliers. As a consumer, develop the habit of asking for a price break whenever you buy from a retail store where appropriate.

Be pleasant and persistent but not demanding. Condition yourself to negotiate at every opportunity will help you become more comfortable, confident and successful.

5) Maintain your walk away power.
It is better to walk away from a sale rather than make too large a concession or give a deep discount to your asking. Please be aware that the salespeople is more eager to make the deal with you than other way around, particularly when in the midst of a sales slump or slow sales period.

Negotiating is a way of life in some cultures, and most people negotiate in some way almost every day, China is one. Apply these negotiation strategies and you will notice a different result almost immediately.

Good luck!

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