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“The human mind is our fundamental resource.” - John F. Kennedy
What if you had the power to minimize your stress, establish better work-life balance, feel alert, in control, and more productive in your personal and professional life? This isn’t just wishful thinking! You DO have such power, you just need to know where to get it and how to harness it. We know that leading a healthy lifestyle has important benefits, but we often neglect brain health in our overall focus on wellness. By utilizing simple strategies to enhance brain health, you can accomplish the above-mentioned goals.


So, how do we “exercise” our brain? There are various ways to do this, and many of us already practice strategies to keep our brain fit without even realizing it. Depending on your lifestyle, interests, and personal goals, there are several techniques that you can use to improve brain health. Incorporate these strategies into your routine in order to enhance your ability to concentrate, make decisions, solve problems and improve memory and creativity - both at home and at work. Here is a list of suggestions and tips to help you navigate your new territory.

• Schedule regular checkups with your physician. Since the mind and physical symptoms are often closely related, it is important to take care of your body and follow recommendations from trusted professionals.

• Eat healthy foods that promote brain health. Certain foods are known to increase brain functioning, such as nuts, fish, soybeans, tomato juice, olive oil, avocado, and dark chocolate.

• Exercise to help manage stress, improve mood and improve memory. Doing so will allow for greater mental capacity and flexibility when you’re faced with challenging situations. In fact, employees who exercise regularly are, on average, 15% more
efficient at work.

• Get enough sleep. Sleep is absolutely essential to recharge your body and brain at the end of a full day.

• Take breaks throughout the day, including short walks, to sustain mental focus.

• Exercise your non-dominant capabilities, e.g. deliberately using your left hand for tasks that you normally do with your right hand.

• Stimulate your brain. Choose an activity that is new, challenging and complex, perhaps something that is very different from the activities you engage in on a day to day basis. Puzzles, games, learning a new skill, taking on a new hobby, or taking a trip
to a new and unfamiliar location are examples.

• Maintain a positive social network. Interacting with others decreases the likelihood of depression and allows you to utilize different areas of your brain.

• Remember that your brain continues to develop and change throughout your lifespan. It’s important to practice healthy brain strategies at every age.

Source: WorkplaceSolutions

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