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--- Gardenia (4/27/2012)
We spent a week at Santa Fe, NM, for my daughter's spring break. It is a very charming and cultured place, no offense, but not your typical mainstream American small towns:-).

Boutique shops and galleries are everywhere. Whenever I travel to other places, I have no interest in brand name stores, whether it's highbrow or lowbrow. It's the shops of local flavor that attract me. So for someone like myself, Santa Fe is not short of a shopping paradise. However, my situation was a bit complicated in that there were two little people who demanded attention and had no appreciation for fashion and styles :-). Relying on a combination of iPhone games and outright bribery, I managed to do some shopping and scored a few items..

Shops inside the Plaza at the center of the town..
Almost all the shops are tastefully decorated in rich warm colors

As you might recall, I raved about the color palette of Santa Fe in my previous blogs on food. The clothes were so colorful that I simply could not make myself walk away and had to try them on.
Unfortunately I did not have the right body to fit any of these clothes....
Jewelry & Accessory

I had much better luck in this department..

The silver pendant represents circle of life in native American Indian folklore. My daughter loves animals, and she picked out the moose herself..
Look at these colorful bags. The ones on the left are hand-made deer skin bags..
I also brought home these made of copper..
I would like to end this chapter with this colorful photo of the animals.. My daughter could not get her eyes off them, but given how fragile they were, I was adamant not to bring one onto the journey home with us..

These pieces are made of tempered glasses, depicting the native American legend of the three sisters - corn, beans and squash..Both my husband and I loved the bright vibrant colors and the texture..These are truly usable arts, very durable - they can be used as cutting board, serving plate, placemat.. We would hang them together on the wall..
Let me leave you with this picture that's, in my mind, synonymous to Santa Fe..

I hope you all have enjoyed the colors. We certainly had fun!
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