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网上游世界,读点历史 (资料来自网络)

Online travel the world, read some history
(Data from the network)
Brazil's land area, population ranks fifth in the world

1) 巴西國土面積、人口数均居世界第五

Brazil's land area, population ranks fifth in the world
2) The first Christian mass in Brazil, 1500. by Victor Meirelles, 1860. (Museu Nacional de Belas Artes)


3) brazilwood 的花

16世紀葡萄牙的航海家發現新大陸有一個大量生長巴西紅木(brazilwood)的國家,便大舉開採、呋貧W洲 ,而將這個國家稱為巴西(Brazil)。

16th century Portuguese navigators discovered the New World has a lot of growing Brazilian rosewood (brazilwood) countries, will large-scale mining, furosemide poor W Chau, and this country called Brazil.
Brazilian mahogany tree-rich water-soluble red dye composition, in the 15 and 16 century is a precious source of red dye, but also advanced furniture materials, is making good on the violin bow materials.
Over-exploitation (estimated in the subsequent two centuries, cut about fifty million) led to suddenly reduce the number of Brazilian mahogany, now that the species has been extinct in most parts of the country, by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) as endangered species
4) 里约热内卢

Rio de Janeiro
In 1807, Napoleon's troops invaded and occupied Portugal. Portuguese royal family fled to Brazil and settled in the collective Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, the actual establishment of the capital of the Portuguese colonial empire
5) 里约热内卢著名的耶稣基督像

Jesus Christ, in Rio de Janeiro
6) Sugar Loaf

7) M

8) 里約熱內盧港是世界三大天然良港之一

Rio de Janeiro, is one of the world's three major natural harbor.
9) 里约热内卢市立剧院

Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater
10) Samba parade at Rio de Janeiro, 2008.


Samba was originally a dance indigenous Africa, in the 16th to the 18th century, the Portuguese introduced a large number of black slaves from Africa to the colony of Brazil, will be their slaves into the Brazilian dance.
11) 圣保罗
先锋旗手纪念碑(Monumento às Bandeiras) 圣保罗

Sao Paulo
Standard-bearer Pioneer Monument (Monumento às Bandeiras) Sao Paulo

17th century to the 18th century, a group claiming to be Bandeirantes (vanguard standard-bearer) of explorers in search of gold and diamonds across the Latin American continent. These people in the exploration and discovery greatly expanded the territory of Brazil

12) Independence or Death

Pedro Prince September 7, 1822, Brazil declared independence and established the Brazilian Empire (1822-1889).

13) Monument to Independence in Independence Park, located at the place where the independence of Brazil was proclaimed.

14) 佩德羅一世的加冕典禮
Pedro's coronation
15) In 1972, Pedro(佩德羅一世)his remains were returned to Brazil and re-interred in the present Ipiranga Museum.

16) Basílica do Santuário Nacional de Nossa Senhora Aparecida


17) M

18) 圣保罗大学创建于1827年。

University of São Paulo was founded in 1827.
19) 巴西利亞


Brasilia, the youngest of the cultural heritage of mankind
In 1960, Brazil in order to accelerate the development of inland, the capital moved from the Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia.
20) National Congress

21) Cathedral of Brasília

22) Internal view of the Cathedral of Brasília.

23) Cultural Complex of the Republic
Library on the left, dome shaped museum on the right

24) National Memorial

25) Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

world's second largest hydropower station - Itaipu Hydropower Station, located at the junction of Brazil and Paraguay on the Parana River

29) 聖保羅號航母

30) Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel (Manaus, Brazil)

31) 咖啡树 巴西生產全世界四分之三產量的咖啡

Three-quarters of world coffee production in Brazil's coffee production
32) Victoria amazonica

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