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--- infowaft (9/9/2011)
From: ctsmgs

今年国际Quiksilver 专业冲浪跑到纽约Long Beach来了(9/5/2011 --9/15/2011 ?)。 第一次在沙滩拍人。不知到多远,就拿了个Sigma 50 - 500。 不好拍, 1/1000 s都糊,他们翻动的太快了。浪一来,水湿到屁股,水一退,脚下两大坑,重心失衡。湿热,云时裆太阳在对面。光线不满意,镜头有盐水,用手绢一擦,更是一塌糊涂,从viewfinder看有一种白茫茫糊糊的感觉。Anyway, 乱拍一通,回家再看看。 能PS出来就好。

This year, the international professional surfing Quiksilver took place on Long Beach New York (9/5/2011 --9/15/2011?). It's first time to take person shot on the beach. I do not know how far it'll be, took a two Sigma 50 - 500. It's not easy to take a shot, even 1 / 1000 s are paste. they flip too fast. Waves a result, the moisture to the bottom. As the water of a retreat, two foot pit, the center of gravity imbalance.

Hot and humid, cloud across the sun in the crotch. Not satisfied with the light, the lens has salt water, rub with a handkerchief, it is a mess, there is a vast expanse of whiteness from the viewfinder to see gooey feeling. Anyway, pat a pass. PS it can be like.

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