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--- chandrasekaran (10/31/2011)
Genuine Offline Data Entry (Simple Typing) Work Available PROJECT DESCRIPTION
This is a simple typing work. You will be given 240 to 250 Pages per month. You have to type the images into a note pad and add few tags according to the specifications. Training will be given before starting the work and sample work of 5 pages will be given to client for avoiding confusions before live work is given to the client. If you have good typing skills, you can easily make 20,000 INR per month by typing the content. We Give A Legal Agreement To all Our Clients.
Project Registration Fee : 4,000 INR Per Slot (Refundable)
Project Period : 12 Months(Contract will be given)
No of pages per Assignment :250 pages Per Slot
Working days : 15 to 18 days
Earning Per Page : 50 INR
Earnings Per Month : Up to 12,500 INR Per Slot
QC Report : Detailed QC report within 10 to 12 days of submission
Payments : After QC report within 2 to 5 days.

If client submits work with above 90% accuracy for 4 consecutive months, then payment is doubled i.e. 100 INR PER PAGE
Contact or 09328014899, 08401732404

1. 90% - 100% - 12,500/-
2. 80-89.99% - 10,500/-
3. 70-79.99% - 7,500/-
4. 60-69.99% - 4000/-
5. 50.1-59.99% - 1500/-
*50% contract termination*
2/13/2012 10:26:40 PM
Op de blog van Avinash Kaushik stond een heel inrsteesant artikel over hoe je offline conversies kan tracken. Je kent het wel? of niet..iemand komt op je website, leest het even door en ziet iets leuks of wil vanavond in je restaurant komen eten. Ze nemen de telefoon en reserveren een tafel..deze soort van conversies zal je in geen enkel analytics programma zien verschijnen..Zijn artikel over ?Tracking Offline Conversions? geeft enkele zeer bruikbare tips. Als je trouwens 1 blog zou moeten volgen die het over analytics heeft, dan is het de zijne wel .
2/13/2012 8:19:32 AM
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