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--- tom (11/25/2011)

No matter where and how you come to the USA, you will need a auto insurance and a driver license so you can drive in the USA. If you do not have a insurance and drive here, you will get a traffic ticket for sure. Here is just a simple guide for you to become a new driver with a insurance.

First, Get a FREE QUOTE - If you search online or anywhere else, you will be able to get a guote on the insurance price for the six months. If you think you have find a good price online, you could start to ask them the detail about it, and asking is always FREE.

Second, get reference from Friends/Family - Should you need to ask around what insurance is good for you? ASK around! Get help from your friends or family who has brought auto insurance, and they should be able to help you if they drive a car.

Finally, determine what kind of insurance you should have - Should you have a FULL coverage or liability coverage? Ask your agent and find out what would be the best choice for you. Of course that is a price difference between those coverage. Full Coverage covers your car and the other party, but liability coverage will just cover the other party car.
2/13/2012 11:38:29 PM
none peecrft B is the best I also know that hillary will fail to implement hers just like she did in 1992
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