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--- infowaft (6/6/2012)
That's the most sorry performance of a head coach in conference Finals I have seen. Miami coach didn't do a single thing to help this team to win this crucial game. Nothing. Zero. Nichts. Null. Zilich. Nada!

Bosh is back, great, he scored a few points to boost his confidence and get the crowd going. Let's just sit him on the end of the bench for the rest of the game. What? Is he hurt again?

How many times have Rondo lobbed to KG INSIDE of the paint for easy alley-hoop in the past 3 games? 8, 9? Let's continue to igore that. Let's not play Bosh. Let's not play Anthony. Let's not play Turiaf. Let's NOT play any big body, so that KG wouldn't get tired battling with anyone, and save energy to block shots and make jumpers. No, those big guys were not world-beaters. But you have to put a body in the paint.

Rondo is an excellent PG and great passer. How to limit his impact? Have you ever watched how other above-average coaches deal with Nash? Yes, make him a scorer, even he's shooting at 50%. But no, Rondo is not shooting well, so we just let him be the super passer. It's not going to be easy, but as a coach, you should at least make some plans.

Boston is an old team, how do you take advantage of that? Maybe, just maybe, you could run them more, especially Allen.

Boston is playing zone defense. OMG, what do I do? Just let Wade and James go 1 on 5? Jesus Christ! You accquired a bunch of so-called 3 pointer shooters. How about draw a few plays to have Wade and/or James drive and dish out for a three? Battier made a clutch 3 to get you ahead, how about get him another 3 point attempt in the next frigging 24 minutes? James Jones made 2 timely 3s, how about let him see the floor in the 4th quarter just for 2 or 3 possessions?

This Celtics team now is all Rondo, and he's their brain and soul. How about trap him or even double him early to make him give up the ball?

I even posted twice as a random poster. Heat has problem to close 3rd quarter, when coach S take Wade out. It's been a huge swing for the past 3 games in a row. Celtics just focused on LeBron to force others to beat them. How about putting Wade back for the last 2 minutes of the 3rd, instead of in the beginning of 4th? You have repeated the same pattern forever. If you mix it up a little bit, might surprise your opponent in a very important game. You can give him a breath in the 4th earlier than usual.

What is Erik Spoelstra? Celtics employee? Child of Pat Riley's mistress? Miami Heat head coach?Yeah, thank for joke of the day.

Celtics played great today. From coach to stars, from old to young players, even bench-warmers, they were all on the same page - keep doing what's been working.

I've done with my rant on the coach, now let me start my complaint with Wade. Throughout the playoffs, I am not satisfied with Wade's performance. Yes, he were still flashy, and he shined in critical moments. But what bothers me is that he's been very irresponsible, and no longer a team player. He picked and chose his defense effort - going for spectacular blocks or steals. He gambled a whole lot more than he should have, while missing tons of man coverage and rotation. How many possessions were he on Rondo tonight? Maybe just 2 in the 4th quarter. If you are truly proud of your all NBA defensive skills, you should have taken on the challenge. Wade is now playing and living off LeBron's dirty work. Look at LeBron's effort at the defensive end, KG, Allen, Pierce, Rondo, seriously, who was he not guarding? You can't win like that.

It's not often that teams come back from 2-0 and win the series, especially in conference finals. Statistically, I don't believe that it will happen on both conferences in the same year. My guess is that Heat will play Bosh more in game 6, and they will take both game 6 & 7.

But, did I mention that Miami has to get rid of their coach now?

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