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  看看国内汽油涨价后,相对于多少美元一加仑 - news
    看看国内汽油涨价后,相对于多少美元一加仑 最近国内汽油涨价了。93号调价7。94元/升。不转换一下,还是有些不习惯。 老美用加仑,老中用升。1加仑大约等于3。79升。 简单计算一下,换成加仑单价:3。79 * 7。94 = 30 元/加仑
  油电车经验谈 - news
    来源: 91709 看大家为油电车的争论,总是潜水的我忍不住探头冒冒泡。本人使用油电车的时间不算长,09年CASH FOR CLUNKERS,送走了我的MONTERO SUV,迎来了我的第一辆油电车2010 PRIUS。这个车周末我开,平时LP上班开(单程25迈,有时CARPOOL......
  买 Hybrid 以前,来算一下它能帮你省的油和钱 - news
    原野青蛙 买 Hybrid 以前,来算一下它能帮你省的油和钱。 用最常见的 Prius和与它类似的Corolla作例子。油耗指标分别是 Prius Highway 48 MPH, Local 52 MPH。 Coro......
  America’s Most Fuel Efficient Cars - news
    March 1, 2012 With gasoline prices inching closer to $4 and even $5 a gallon, more Americans will make high gas mileage a priority when they ......
  Oil Color, Lubrication Ability and Contamination L- Jeff
    It is a common misconception that an oil’s color is an indication of how “dirty” it is. This is not true. It is often a common tactic used at quick lu......
  Luxury Cars - Jeff
    Some Luxury Cars: ......
  T.R.G.B. LTD (WWS406246) - yousafzaki
    T.R.G.B. LTD (WWS406246) Triumph sports car specialists, spare parts, mail order, service and repairs. We mail order world wide, or ......
  New York City Car and Limo Service - exoticar
    Exoticar is the premier upscale celebrity car and limousine services based in New York. We have a wide array of luxurious automobiles for you to......
  Stainless Steel Bumper for VW, Volvo, Classic Car - nicebumper
    We have pleasure introducing ourselves as one of Manufacturers in stainless steel bumper for Volvo, Mercedes and classic car. Our bumpers are ma......
  Auto Race Cars - paisley
    Auto Race Cars Enterprises Auto Race Cars Lighting Equipment......


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